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What are Interim Managers?

Interim Managers are professional skilled individuals who are appointed on a full time temporary basis usually to fulfill either a functional role (e.g CEO or CFO) or to undertake a specific task or project (e.g. company turnaround, IT implementation). Beechwood Interims specialise in providing Managing Directors and Finance Director. All personnel are qualified accountants.

Will the Interim have worked in my industry?

Possibly, but we believe very much in transferable skills. Someone with multi-outlet retail experience is just as likely to provide the skills to suite the company with a motor dealership franchise. Our Interims are highly motivated people who rise and thrive on the challenge presented by assignments. They are dedicated and have chosen interim management as a business career. Equally the Interims we provide are overqualified for the task but this is to ensure minimal learning curve and immediate effectiveness in their decision making. For this reason chemistry is often more a factor than skills, so we insist that clients have an exploratory meeting with the consultant to see if the personalities are compatible. Clive Goldman, the Principal Interim Manager, has worked in manufacturing, distribution, service and retail industries He has a unique wealth of experience across many industries. He has worked in Government bodies, private and publicly quoted companies. What the interim brings is the ability to manage. Industry specific skills are not essential and in any event are quickly assimilated. The interim brings a clarity of insight and analytical skills that sometimes only a fresh face can bring. His independence and the nature of interim management, means that he is unencumbered with the politics often found in organisations, and is able to express an honest opinion without fear for his employment.

What is the difference between Interim Management and Management Consultancy?

We offer both services so we know the answer to this. Interim Managers is a relatively new classification and historically many Management Consultants were performing Interim roles. Interims report principally to the Client and take instructions from the client. They are truly part of the team and very much hands on. It is not unusual for them to hold line management titles. We will take Professional Indemnity Insurance on an assignment by assignment basis, and we will agree with the client the limit of the indemnity. The Interim respects the confidentiality of the client, but often of necessity he is part of the confidential decision making processes.

Management Consultancy, as provided by Beechwood Management Consultants, is a true consultancy where the consultant is responsible and reports to us. We set the brief in conjunction with the client, but the consultant takes instructions from us and is paid by ourselves. Management Consultancy is most appropriate is advising on Corporate Strategy, planning, MIS (Management Information Systems) implementation. Interims are usually paid directly by the client, they can even be on the payroll with a short term contract of employment. However we are flexible in all our arrangements and seek to ensure that the client is comfortable with the arrangements. Termination is quiet, clean and painless. There are no engagement or recruitment fees, no terminal bonus, no redundancy and no severance pay. Typical assignment lengths are between 5 and 10 months. Although some assignments have been extended to 18 months.

Is location a problem?

We are based on North London but location of the assignment is not restrictive since roles have been held as far afield as Birmingham and Andover, with daily commutes. It is also possible for the Interim to take temporary accommodation during the week. Of greater consideration to the Client should be that we provide the best person to ensure the success of the assignment. To this end we insist that periodic reports are produced and submitted to both the client and us. We review these reports in detail and maintain close contacts with the client during the assignment.

Why choose Beechwood Interims?

Simply because we offer Interims with a unique blend of skills and experience. This experience can only be gained with many years experience, and therefore naturally our Interims are, on the whole, mature self-motivating business people who are ready to role from day one. Our Principal is not only a Chartered Accountant with financial skills, but first and foremost a business entrepreneur with proved commercial flair. Coupled with this acumen Clive Goldman has a high degree of IT expertise which is so often vital in ensuring the management information systems satisfy the needs of management and provide a platform for more efficient and effective business processes.

Assignments are undertaken either for a fixed known duration or to expire when the assignments tasks agreed with the client are completed. We are flexible to meet client's preferences. We will source interim managers in other disciplines but we specialise in Managing Director and Finance Director/CFO assignments.

For the client the advantages of using Beechwood Interims are :-

  • The client maintains their core of permanent staff, and draws on temporary external skills.

  • An interim manager introduces know-how and experience to a company without causing problems to succession planning. Even if the Interim has taken a title (e.g Joint Managing Director) there is always the intention that the position is not permanent and when the role is fulfilled the title can be removed without affecting line reporting.

  • Interim management is a cost-effective alternative to permanent highly paid staff. This arises particularly where the company sees itself as facing fire fighting from time to time but cannot afford the luxury of a permanent fire fighter in-house if fire only break out infrequently. A fresh perspective, gained from a long and varied exposure to different companies methodology and environments, can give enormous insight into the clients problems and how they are best resolved.

What are typical Interim assignments?

Thankfully there are none. Each assignment is different and no two have been the same to date. However, the following will give an indication as to the sort of tasks which may best be performed in an interim assignment:-

  1. Key executive is leaving or has been suspended.
  2. Company is making losses and whilst not yet insolvent, may become so if action plan not produced and implemented.
  3. Company has not kept its back office systems up to date, according there is a financial backlog which needs sorting.
  4. Company decides it wishes to go Public or prepare itself for takeover or disposal.


Beechwood Interims was founded by its principal partner Clive Goldman, B.A.(Hons), F.C.A.. His CV is listed in 'The CV Library' His wide experience as an Interim Manager was acquired through Managing and Financial Directorship positions held in diverse industrial and business organisations.

Companies in which he has acted as Interim Manager include:

A Pannell Limited
Grosvenor of London PLC
Jon Jewellery Limited
The Last Word Systems PLC
The Printing and Communication Services Group PLC
The Hammond Organisation
Aardvark Limited
Choice Hotels Europe (CHE Group PLC)
The Fisher Organisation

Profiles of other seasoned Interim Managers are available on request. The profile of Dave Sellick is available on-line.

Beechwood Interim Managers.... Helping your business to achieve its objectives


Whenever you need an interim manager in your company, no matter how short the assignment or whatever the particular skill requirement we can provide professional personnel to achieve your business objectives and corporate goals. An exploratory meeting to discuss our services can be mutually arranged without any obligation. Please contact Clive Goldman.

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