The purpose of this firm is to provide an effective and efficient service for recovery of worldwide commercial debts. First and formost we are the most flexible debt recovery services organisation in the market. We adapt to suit clients. So we will accommodate you and not the other way around. For this reason we do not have a service charge tariff and can work on a success basis only or a combination of different prices models for example an upfront fee and commission based on monies recovered.

Our general workflow is based on a 28 day service period. We start with a 7 day Letter before Action, followed by emails, fax, and phone calls. Experience has shown that few cases need to go to litigation because have a high degree of sucess in recovering the debt or reaching an amicable settlement.

However, if there is no response within the 28 day period or we cannot pursuade the debtor to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, we can assist clients to proceed to litigation. We can recommend and provide estimates from a firm of solicitors should litigation be necessary. However, we stress that practice has shown that there is a 90% success rate in getting debts paid without resort to litigation. We are simply prepared for the occasions when debtors simply refuse to communicate or settle.

Who am I

I am a Chartered Accountant, an Interim Manager, specialising in corporate recovery situations. For the past 9 years I have spent of my time concentrating on recovery of debts on behalf of a wide range of commercial clients, including the leading 4/5 star hotels, medical profession, schools and colleges. I have had an extraordinary success rate. So I am now offering this service to a wider base and hence the formation of the CACR.I have gained an enviable reputation as a thorough and successful debt collector using proven and unique processes.

My letters are detailed and state clearly the consequences of inaction by the debtor. I offer not just nationwide coverage but international coverage. One basis of fees is "no win no fee", so I am highly motivated and incentivised to collect your outstanding debt. As Interim Manager I was Finance Director of a number of large corporations, including a hotel group with 360 hotels across Europe. At the beginning of my career I was responsible for the financial assessment that lead to the acquisition of Howard Johnson Inc, a hotel and restaurant chain, by Imperial Group PLC and subsequently in post acquisition strategy. I am also MD of a Travel Agency specialising in the luxury market. Accordingly I have been involved in the hospitality industry for more than 35 years.

How we are different to normal debt collection agencies

Our competitors have rigid formulaic basis of charges and methods of collection. We are entirely flexible and can tailor our services to suit each individual client. We recommend that clients' write formal request for payment of the debt before they approach us but we are here when the client's normal debt management systems are unsuccessful.

We do not waste time and effort in sending out standard pre designed letters, each increasingly more threatening than the next. Instead we write a 7 days letter in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules - Practice Direction - Pre action conduct and we follow that up with telephone calls, emails and if necessary a further letter. This service includes foresenic investigation to track debtor; sometimes debtors have moved or have more than one address; We try to track down debtors and validate contact particulars.

If the debtor communicates with us we attempt amicable resolution. If circumstances warrant we will negotiate on behalf of our client. The debtor can remit funds directly to the client.

Our clients use our services from choice and as an adjunct to their own credit control procedures. It is a fact that some debtors simply do not pay until they see a letter from a third party be that a debt collection agency or solicitor.

Finally, in all cases of business to business transaction we apply the client's Terms & Conditions for late payment but where no such terms apply we fully apply the Late Payment of Commercial Debts legislation. We are somewhat unique in this because we have developed Statincalc © - a Statutory Interest and Compensation Calculator for multiple transactions. As far as we know it is unique and no other debt collection company has it.

New legislation in 2013, The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013, means we can apply to recover the reasonable costs that we charge to clients. The net effect being that if we are successful the Client will receive the debt together with statutory interest and clear of our charges. Again we are unique in the extent and accuracy with which we apply the legislation.

Our Terms & Conditions are however standard and you should read them here Terms & Conditions.

CACR.... Recovering overdue debts & improving cash flow


Whenever you need a third party service to recover bad debts, we will work with clients to provide their ideal service. Please contact Clive Goldman.

Beechwood House
36 Tretawn Gardens
London NW7 4NR

e-mail: clive@cgoldman.com

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