The purpose of this firm is to provide an effective and efficient service for pre-action claims against any party worldwide that infringes UK copyright. I have been raising copyright infringement claims on behalf of photographers for the past 9 years and have been successful in most cases.

Our fees are competitive - please inquire.

If we cannot secure an amicable settlement of your infringement claim within 45 days then we will recommend litigation through the Intellectual Propery Office or through the Courts.

Who am I

For the past 9 years I have concentrated on issuing,negotiating and settling copyright infringement claims on behalf of photographers and others. The claim is usually 5 or 6 pages long with attachments and sets out clearly the infringement and evidence of copyright as well as the quantum of the claim. In a pre-action claim there is no need for expensive solicitors.

How are we Different

We are not solicitors, but we are acting on your behalf to raise a pre-action formal claim. Our claim letter can be used as evidence in Court if an amicable settlement is not achieved by us on your behalf and you decide to pursue your claim through solicitors introduced by us.

We tailor our services to suit each individual client and each case. So your claim is individualised.

Our clients use our services from choice and as an adjunct to their own copyright infringement detection and licensing. It is a fact that some infringers simply respond more positively when a detailed and full claim is submitted by a third party such as ourselves.

Our Terms & Conditions are not standard. A sample only can be read here Terms & Conditions but we stress that our terms are flexible and the only terms that apply are those that are expressly agreed with each individual client. Terms and Conditions operated in conjunction with Engagement Letters.

Crown Copyright Claims Recovery.... recovering damages for copyright infringement.


Whenever you need a third party service to assist you in enforcing your Intellectual Property rights, we are here for you. Please contact Clive Goldman.

Beechwood House
36 Tretawn Gardens
London NW7 4NR

e-mail: clive@cgoldman.com

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