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A qualified Chartered Accountant with a degree in Accountancy. Attended I.N.S.E.A.D. (C.E.D.E.P), Fontainebleau for Senior Management training. An experienced Finance Director and Interim Manager with exceptionally strong expertise in IT and exposure gained in a wide spectrum of commerce and industry. Appointments have involved considerable responsibility where an objective approach, careful evaluation and meticulous attention to detail, have led to success. Appointments to date have not provided a long term requirement for such an experienced and commercially astute businessman. Now seeking only the most demanding and challenging of environments. Needs to be operationally involved in the business. Born in 1951; married with 2 children.


                    The following assignments were undertaken:

              Factform Solutions Ltd                                                                                   London

I assisted this private company in the provision of arbitration, litigation and credit management services. In particular I handled the the larger and more litigious cases. My work involved arbitration with the debtors, and a high degree of forensic and detective work. I have become an expert in Copyright infringement claims. I sourced and liaised with lawyers around the world and achieved a higher than average success rate in settling disputed accounts. This was an interim role arising out of the departure of the previous employee.

2003 - 2015 IT CONSULTANCY

I have my own IT consultancy practice, and during interim assignments, I undertake ad hoc computer assignments for a range of clients. In particular I advise on virus and pest management; buying and installation of network computers, both ethernet and wireless; web design and maintenance of internet hosted Webs. I am also an authorised reseller of broadband services and Compaq/HP computers. During 2004, I remarketed the consultancy practice, and in consequence undertook an increased workload. The interim management market was particular lean during this period.

                    The following assignments were undertaken:

               INTERIM FINANCE DIRECTOR - Arbiter Group PLC                            London

This £50m turnover distributor of musical instruments and audio equipment was in need of turnaround or reconstruction following the discovery of fraud. I was introduced as part of the MBI group. The reconstruction necessitated the sale of the major parts of the business to third parties and the loss of its major distributorship.

  • Assisted in the review and preparation of revised cash flows.

  • Introduced sophisticated reconciliations to validate Confidential Invoice Discounting.

  • Undertook the duties of both Finance Director and Financial Controller who had resigned.

              CONSULTANT                                                                                               London

Assisting two medium sized firms of accountants and business services providers in a merger and full listing on the stock exchange. The work included preparation of a combined Corporate plan and assisting in the due diligence process and listing agreement as required.

During the process client and billing information was reviewed in a manner not previously undertaken, and in consequence I was able to extrapolate data to show how the firm could improve its profitability by isolating under performing operations.

Ad hoc tasks have included reviewing the business systems and procedures in use by the Technology company (a full IT services company) and recommending changes thereto and implementation of a new computer solution.

Recommended new Management Accounts layouts for the combined enterprise post merger and listing.

              Friendly Hotels PLC                                                               London & Birmingham

Friendly Hotels is a listed PLC and trades as Choice Hotels Europe. It is affiliated with Choice Hotels Inc. which has some 4,500 hotels worldwide. In Europe Friendly is responsible for some 350 hotels including franchises. In January 2001, the Company went through a Capital Reconstruction, subsequent to which the Finance Director resigned. The role was to act as Finance Director until the new FD could join the Company.

  • Advised the Board on its ongoing solvency position and liaised with Brokers, Solicitors and Bankers. Attended Board Meetings and Business Review meetings.

  • Ensured reliability of Cash Flow, and compliance with reporting requirements, in particular those to the Banks.

  • Instigated reduction in overdue debtors by £1.5m over 5 month period. Recruited two new credit controllers and sought Confidential Invoice Discounting.

  • Reviewed reporting systems and drove process improvement by hands-on involvement with financial workflows, impacting on the performance of the systems in terms of accuracy of results and timeliness.

  • Visited overseas subsidiaries in France and Germany, and developed reporting requirements.

  • Prepared and reviewed proposed financial plans for construction of new hotel in France.

  • Provided strong leadership for the finance department of 30 staff.

  • Investigated and recommended replacement of the accounting system. Then assisted in the implementation.

              FINANCE DIRECTOR - INTERIM MANAGEMENT - Aardvark Ltd -      London

Aardvark, trading as Ouiset is a ladies fashion retailer group with 7 stores around the UK. I was introduced by their auditors to assist in affecting a turnaround for this otherwise insolvent company.

  • Produced cash flow and profit forecasts for projected changed franchised brand and introduction of new brand across all stores. Daily updating cash flow to reflect changing circumstances and assisted in the settlement of creditors.

  • Assisted company in negotiating release from existing franchisor and contracts with new franchisor.

  • Upgraded server protocols and accounting software to latest releases of Sage. Removed virus infections and installed new anti-virus software.

  • Reconciled cash books, suppliers and inter-company accounts which had not been done for 20 months. Prepared Management Accounts.

              CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER - UK2 Limited                                            London

UK2 is an internet based company providing domain names registration services as well as web hosting , domain hosting and server hosting. It is a successful business with sales of £4.2mn in the 6 months to March 2000 and after tax profits of £1.5mn. In the 3 months since my arrival the company achieved sales of £3mn and after tax profits of £1.2mn.

  • Produced audited Accounts for the periods to September 1999 and March 2000. After updating back office systems produced Management Accounts within 10 days of month end.

  • Guided company in the preparation of corporate plan and Listing Particulars for an IPO. Brought back office systems up to date and ready for due diligence.

  • Introduced and negotiated more competitive Bankers and suppliers.

  • Responded to all legal issues including actions against domain name owners where UK2 was involved as ISP and tag holder. Represented company before High Court.

1999 - 2000   CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER - Radio Taxicabs (London) Ltd.                      London

Radio Taxis is a mutual society providing services to some 2000 radio controlled London black cab taxi drivers. Turnover over £30mn.

  • Implemented Nominal Ledger, budgeting and cash flow forecasting.

  • Recruited new credit controllers and reduced debtor days from 75 to 56, and borrowing from £1.8mn to £1.1mn.

  • Assisted Board in reviewing and implementing new strategy.

  • Refinanced medium term funding and reduced costs in a number of areas resulting in successful turnaround from Loss to Profit making.

1996 - 1998    GROUP FINANCE DIRECTOR - Centurion Press Ltd.,                    Rickmansworth.

Centurion is the largest UK print broker with turnover in excess of £28mn.

  • Recruited new Finance team and led an effective finance function. Accounts produced to audit quality within 14 days of month end.

  • Introduced competitive tendering processes and cut costs in a number of areas including communications, insurance and banking.

  • Refinanced long term and medium term funding.

  • Managed ongoing development of systems and controls. Ensured IT systems development including changing server platform to Windows NT, and switching to SQL database. Steered company towards development of Extranet.
  • Assisted company towards identification of its competitive strategic advantage, and prepared corporate budgets.

1989 - 1996   Undertook troubleshooter and corporate recovery roles assisting companies in a variety of industries including printing, pre-press, film distribution, vocational training and toys. Principal of Beechwood Management Consultants, and a D.T.I. consultant. However the majority of assignments were undertaken on a full-time basis as Finance Director/Chief Financial Officer.Notable achievements include:

  • Negotiated successful refinancing of companies including raising bank finance and re-negotiating with suppliers.
  • Appraised and participated in acquisition and divestment proposals.
  • Finance Director, pro tem, for a quoted PLC operating in the vocational training market in the UK and USA. Recommended efficient computerization of financial aid monitoring in the US, and changes generally to administrative systems.
  • Compiled Stock Exchange Listing particulars for above company.
  • C.F.O. of The Last Word Systems PLC, a computer systems integration house servicing the newspaper, publishing and pre-press sector. Developed Unix system, renegotiated extended credit terms, and developed cash flow forecasting models.
  • Developed and implemented several Corporate Strategy plans.
  • Designed numerous computer systems; prepared functional specifications, Invitations to Tender and I.T. strategy papers.

1987 - 1988   JOINT MANAGING DIRECTOR - A. Pannell Limited                                      London

A. Pannell is the holding company for various diverse subsidiaries. Group turnover approx. £5m. Advised on all commercial matters. Appointed Joint M.D. of the engineering subsidiary, and Group Finance Director. Ensured Group turnaround from loss to profit over an 18 month period.

  • Prepared three year financial plan and negotiated increased bank facility. Marketed and disposed of large property holding.
  • Instigated change in warehouse operating policy resulting in immediate reversal from loss to profit making.
  • Introduced new computer systems and re-wrote software packages.
  • Introduced production control techniques and project management tools.

1983 - 1986   FINANCE DIRECTOR - Grosvenor of London Plc                                            London

Toiletries manufacturer with emphasis on character merchandise and own-label. Sales rose from £1.7mn to £5mn over period. Responsible for building Finance Department team and managing 12 staff.

  • Designed, engineered and implemented a unique Management Information System to handle sales order processing and despatch. New computer systems were introduced saving around £500,000.
  • Introduced computerized management accounts, & cash flow forecasting model.
  • Responsible for investment of funds on money market, and purchase of Foreign Exchange forward contracts.

1981 - 1982   DEPUTY FINANCE DIRECTOR - British Technology Group                          London

The B.T.G. is a Government venture capital company. Total income from license and joint venture projects amounted to £22m. Staff of 21, mainly qualified accountants.

  • Assessed all investment proposals and introduced advanced investment appraisal techniques to Operations departments.
  • Controlled treasury functions involving cash and deposits of £25m
  • Also appointed Managing Director of the subsidiary, Finovia Ltd., providing lease finance for high technology capital equipment.

1977 - 1981  ASSISTANT TO THE GROUP FINANCE DIRECTOR - Imperial Group Plc - London

Following the acquisition of the Howard Johnson Co. made frequent trips to the U.S.A. to assist in the formulation of future corporate strategy. Reporting directly to the Group Finance Director, Sir James McKinnon. Roles held included the following : -


Responsible for the accounting of the Paper, Board, Packaging & Plastics Division. Sales of £87m. A hands on role requiring detailed understanding of day to day operations.

  • At monthly Board meetings provided analysis of financials. Prepared medium term plans and budgets.
  • Participated in structuring and implementing reorganisation and rationalisation plans, including divestment of some subsidiaries.

Re-established and responsible for Group medium term plans.

  • Appraised capital expenditure & acquisition proposals over £¼m.
  • Participated in the evaluation and acquisition of the Howard Johnson Co., a restaurant and motel chain, for $630m.

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