Clients obtain a highly efficient and cost effective performance through the provision of a comprehensive consultancy service.
Expert advice and guidance on micro and mini computer systems without restrictive and binding ties to any ones software or hardware supplier.
Analytical skills that consider the needs of your organisation.
Research and provision of information that enables the selection of an appropriate system or system upgrade, which is tailored to corporate requirements.

We offer you a total solution through:

  • Systems review assessing potential weaknesses of existing systems;
  • Design and preparation of systems specifications where bespoke programming is required;
  • Preparation of Invitation to Tender;
  • Selection of the most appropriate hardware and software suppliers;
  • Implementation, control and review.


Beechwood IT Consultancy was founded by its principal partner Clive Goldman, B.A.(Hons), F.C.A.. His CV is listed in 'The CV Library' He started in IT at the age of 10 when he studied Basic programming language. At the age of 11 he was visiting Hatfield Polytechnic on the weekends to run basic programs, and by the age of 12 he was running the Elliott and Burroughs machines at Hatfield on his own over the weekend. He later learnt Algol, Fortran, Cobal and a number of other high level computer languages.

As CFO of a number of companies, his role often encompassed that of CIO providing strategic IT direction as well as hands-on involvement in daily IT matters. He has designed, implemented, and project managed a number of new MIS systems for companies. He has been an IT consultant, joint MD of Professional Beta testers in conjunction with Joop Blokker. PC Dealer listed Clive Goldman as the largest UK beta tester based on the number of companies to which he provided services. He was also a Consultant under the DTI initiatives.

Beechwood IT Consultancy.... Helping your business to achieve its objectives


Whatever point in your corporate strategy your business has reached, whether expanding, diversifying or rationalising, the advice of our impartial professional consultancy will enable you to clarify and achieve your business objectives and corporate goals. An exploratory meeting to discuss our services can be mutually arranged without any obligation. Please contact Clive Goldman.

Beechwood House
36 Tretawn Gardens
London NW7 4NR


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