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Communication is vital so we offer a wide range of methods. Please select the one that suits you. If we may suggest you might wish to commence with joining our QQ for a chat.

We appreciate that some shy students or their parents in particular may wish to communicate with us in Chinese. That is fine, as below you will find details of our Chinese partner.

Might I suggest that you consider the questions that follow first because however you contact us, we would appreciate having these details as it enables us to more accurately discuss your intentions meaningfully. We assure you that the information will be held in strict confidence and we are registered under The Data Protection Act.

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  7. What is the last qualification you gained and the grade?
  8. What is the name of your current education establishment?
  9. What is the ideal course you are looking to read or research?
  10. Have you taken any English language exams, and if so please state which ones and grade results?
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Whatever point you are in your education, whether still in Senior High School or already a Bachelor or Masters Degree graduate, our impartial professional consultancy will enable you to make that right choice. An exploratory discussion about our services can be mutually arranged in English or Chinese and obviously is without cost. Please contact us as shown below or see our Contact Us  page for enquiry and contact forms.

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