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James Brokenshire, the UK's immigration minister, has announced two improvements to the UK's visa system in China. Mr Brokenshire says that the changes should make it easier for Chinese applicants to apply for and obtain UK visas.

The changes are
•The 'mobile biometric service' will now be available to customers at all twelve of the UK's visa offices in China. Hitherto, the service has only been available in Shanghai and Beijing. The service visits offices and homes and collects biometric data from busy visa applicants who do not wish to visit the visa application centre.
•There will for an additional charge be a 24-hour premium visa service for most visitor and work visa applicants. 'The 24 Hour Super Priority Service' will now be available for applicants in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2014-2015 was published on Wednesday 1 October 2014. How did the UK do?
  1. 3rd Oxford
  2. 5th Cambridge
  3. 9th Imperial College London
  4. 22nd University College London
  5. 34th London School of Economics
  6. 36th University of Edinbugh
  7. 40th Kings College London
  8. 52th University of Manchester
  9. 74th University of Britstol
  10. 83rd Durham University
So quite different to the QS World University Rankings. I think readers should not concentrate too much on rankings since the choice of University should rather be based on the ideal course for the student.

On the 25th June 2014 The UK Visa and Immigration Department of the Home Office released a list of UK Higher Education Institutions and Colleges who's license to sponsor International students has been suspended. This means that students who gained places at these Universities and colleges may not be allowed entry and existing students would not be granted Tier 4 extensions. By 3rd September 2014 two of the three Universities affected have had their Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) reinstated.Glyndwr University remains suspended.

As at 5th September 2014 the following private colleges have had their license suspended:

  1. Alpha College
  2. Birmingham Informatics College
  3. Blake Hall College
  4. Bradford Regional College
  5. Bristol College of Accountancy
  6. CAHRO Academy Ltd
  7. Central College London (Huawen Institute Division)
  8. City College
  9. City of London Academy
  10. College of East London
  11. Cranford College
  12. Forbes Graduate School
  13. Helios International College
  14. IIM Bedford
  15. Interlink College of Technology and Business Studies
  16. LIT LON Ltd
  17. London College of Business Management and Computing Studies
  18. London College of Finance and Accounting
  19. London Corporate College
  20. London Educators Limited
  21. London Empire Academy
  22. London Metropolitan College
  23. London Premier College Limited
  24. London Regal College
  25. London School of Advanced Studies
  26. London School of Marketing Trading as LS Business School
  27. Manchester College of Management Sciences Limited
  28. Manchester International College
  29. Manchester Trinity College Limited
  30. North West College Reading
  31. Radcliffe College
  32. Sanjari International College
  33. South London College
  34. UK Vocational Training College Trading as UK College of Arts and Technology
  35. West George College

Please note that we do not and have never dealt with any of the Colleges in the list above or that follows. It has been reported on "THE" that the move came after an investigation into fraud in English language testing. In addition many students were found to be working more than 20 hours or working when they should not have been because they attended privately funded colleges. We deal with students that want a unique education experience at a UK University and do not work with other higher education colleges. We are above all a professional enterprise and can be trusted to work with you to gain your placement.

The following private colleges have had their licence revoked or surrendered on and after 24 June 2014 and accurate as at 5th September 2014.
  1. Alpha Meridian College – Revoked
  2. APS Computer Solutions Ltd Trading as Pitman Training Centre Peterborough - Revoked
  3. Birmingham Institute of Education Training & Technology – Revoked
  4. Bradford College of Management – Surrendered
  5. Bradford Metropolitan College – Revoked
  6. Britain College – Surrendered
  7. Central College of Studies (CCS) - Revoked
  8. Central Cranbrook College – Revoked
  9. Citizen 2000 Education institute – Revoked
  10. College of Advanced Studies – Revoked
  11. College of Excellence Limited – Revoked
  12. Eynsford College – Revoked
  13. Essex College Ltd – Revoked
  14. Hammersmith Management College – Revoked
  15. Katherine and King's College of London – Revoked
  16. Kinnaird College – Revoked
  17. London Academy of Management and Business (LAMB) – Surrendered
  18. London School of Technology – Revoked
  19. London St. Andrew's College - Revoked
  20. Midlands Academy of Business and Technology – Revoked
  21. Pharez UK Ltd Trading as Pharez College – Revoked
  22. Queensbury College – Revoked
  23. Shakespeare College – Revoked
  24. Stanfords College UK Ltd – Revoked
  25. Superior College London – Revoked
  26. UK Business Academy – Revoked
  27. Vernon Community College – Revoked
  28. West London Business College – Revoked

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According to a recent press article nearly 25% of postgraduate students in the UK are Chinese and the numbers are rising. That means there are nearly as many Chinese students on full time postgraduate courses in English Universities as there are British students. According to figures from the Higher Education Funding Council of England (Hefce), 23% of students studying for masters-level degree courses are from China while 26% of students are from the UK – a sign that English universities are increasingly relying on China to fill its courses.

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