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Alas we can offer no guarantee that our services will ensure a successful application and offer of a university place. However, What we do say is that you are in a better position and therefore more likely to succeed than not by using our services. Even if you meet all the requirements of the University it does not mean that you are guaranteed a place. Whilst no guarantee or warranty is offered by us, if you are unsuccessful in your application(s) then we will work with you, without further charge (subject to Terms & Conditions) for one further application to an alternate university.


It is not practical to list the entry requirements for each University and the details are clearly given on each University's website. In all events once you engage us we will provide all that information to you. Much depends on the University and the chosen course.

As far as undergraduates are concerned, what we can say is that for the majority of Universities the Gao Kao is insufficient to gain entrance to undergraduate courses, irrespective of the result and your language skills. Therefore most universities have provision for a foundation year in which you will learn and be tested to an equivalent of "A" level suitable for entry into undergraduate study. Your entrance is of course dependent upon the results of that foundation year. In some universities, like Birmingham, the Foundation year course is provided by the University, and not a third party approved college, and the staff are from the University faculty. It is possible to enter the foundation year from 2nd or 3rd year Senior High School provided you have obtained a certain level of acceptance e.g. 80%.

It may be possible for you to undertake that foundation course in China or you can come to England. If you are considering an undergraduate degree course please visit our Undergraduate page.


Again we can only be precise when we work with you and ascertain the University and Courses you are applying for. Nevertheless, to be realistic we want to give you the following indication.

For undergraduates attending a Foundation course the fee is between £12,600 and £13,500 per year and you would need about £10,000 for accommodation and living expenses whether on or off campus. However, we urge you to consider that a UK degree is considered superior or more advantageous than many of those in China. Ask yourselves this question: " When you attend a job fair in China and there re two nearly identical candidates but one has a degree from a UK University of renown and the other from Beijing Normal University (no bad reflection is intended against BNU) which candidate do you think the employer will offer the job to?"

Even if you take a first degree (Bachelor) in China you still may have to attend some form of Foundation Course. Simply put the Chinese University Degree are not considered on a par to those from UK students and therefore even for entry to postgrad studies or Phd, your degree may count much less than UK comparisons. Some UK universities are now building a table by which your University and first degree is graded on a points scale. So we will be able to tell you if your degree is accepted as sufficient points for postgrad entry.

As to Undergraduate annual fees they are between £12,000 and £16,500 generally. However, some courses like Clinical and laboratory medicine and other courses costs more and are in the range £20,000 to £31,000.

London based accommodation and food for 39 weeks will be circa £9,984 (of which accommodation is over £206 per week). Food one should allow £50 per week; travel £22.60pw; toiletries, clothing, mobile phone, medical expenses, and other personal items £57; recreation, sport, entertainment £25; books insurance and household goods £26.66. Altogether £387.26pw or £15,103 for 39 weeks. In some cities you can deduct 20% to all items.

Again we can provide more detailed explanations and details about other extras, when we work with you.

For VISA purposes you will need to show that you have funds to support 9 months living costs at the rate of £1015 per month if living in outer London and £1265 per month for Inner London. That is to say £9,135 - £11,385 for 9 months, which annualised comes to £12,180 - £15,180.

Postgraduate research fees in 2016 range from £17,190 to £37,450 whilst Postgraduate taught fees are between £16,110 and £17,850. This is only a guide. Please give us the opportunity to provide you with specific information before you make a decision.

There are scholarships, grants, and bursaries available to undergrads and postgrad students. So please do not dismiss the opportunity merely on funding grounds until you have all the facts in your possession.


To help you choose the University - here is a list of the ones we can assist with.

This list is not exhaustive, there are others but they tend to be rather specialised in the courses they offer. The British Government is covered by the framework agreement on mutual recognition of diplomas of higher education institutions. You should have no difficulty in your degree at any of these Universities being recognised by the Government of China or other establishments. These are all Universities for which the British Government has granted the right for independent degree-granting status. What is more is that the only Universities we can assist with and are detailed below are those which are sponsors under the Point-based system. That is, these Universities are licensed to sponsor migrants under Tier 4 of the Points based system. Of the 1593 organisations there are 157 in the category of Highly Trusted Sponsor (Premium) and we list 111 of those. Fourteen are Highly Trusted Sponsors.

When you click the University name the box below will provide the contact details including telephone number and website.

If you want a direct link to University websites, please refer to our Links page.

Click on the buttons above.

There are many lists in which Universities are ranked and ranking changes yearly. However, we want to demonstrate that UK universities are World renown and which are considered the top in the UK. Accordingly, we list two extracts from recent (September 2014) listings.

Lets start with the QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) World University Rankings 2016-2017 and look at the top 100 worldwide. What UK Universities feature? Here are the first 13 of 18 in the top 100. By comparison China has 4 universities in the top 100 list.

World Ranking University
4 University of Cambridge
6 University of Oxford
7 University College London
9 Imperial College London
19 University of Edinburgh
21 King College London
29 University of Manchester
37 London School of Economics
41 University of Bristol
51 University of Warwick
63 University of Glasgow
74 University of Durham
75 University of Nottingham

Another list is that of The Sunday Times University League Table 2016. We would emphasise that we do not suggest selecting the Universities based on their league table but rather selecting the right subject course at an appropriate university for you. We will work with you to achieve the ideal selection. Once we have your chosen subject then ranking of Universities by subject may be worth exploring.

Ranking University
1 University of Cambridge
2 University of Oxford
3 Imperial College
4 University of St Andrews
5 Durham University
6 University of Warwick
7 University of Exeter
8 University of Surrey
9 London School of Economics
10 University College London

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