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The advantage of our company is that it is physically located in the United Kingdom, the very place you want to apply for, and therefore we are best positioned both in terms of language and understanding of University requirements to deal most effectively on behalf of students. Our competitors are the intermediaries based in major Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai. We actively encourage comparison with our competitors and when you realise our advantages and lower cost we are sure to welcome you with open arms.

Because we are native English speaking persons, as well as having Chinese staff, both in China and elsewhere, we can ensure that your entry applications are correctly worded and free of spelling and grammatical errors that could impact how your application is received. Different course providers have different requirements to we can not generalise or have prescriptive solutions. In addition your overall suitability to the course will be considered. You might be asked to pass an admission test, interview or audition. We can assist in interview and audition preparation through the use of video conferencing with the student using a number of VIP tools, such as QQ, Oovoo, Skype. Please see our "Contact us" Page.

We can assist with Personal Statements and Resume (CV's), translation from Chinese if you have already prepared one. Also if an application essay is called for we will assist you to prepare the best possible statement. Moreover, if you have letters of recommendation from headpersons or academics, we will provide transcripts in English to accompany your application.

UKUAS will assist you in your selection of University and course. We offer impartial counselling and application services. We have accumulated significant experience in helping Chinese students over the years to meet their goals in wishing to study in the UK. Accordingly, we can share our comprehensive knowledge with you and we hope this website gives you a flavour of that. If you are an undergraduate please do have a look at our Undergraduate page and if you are looking for a Master or PhD then please see our Postgraduate page.


Our Mission Statement is simple.. Helping Chinese students gain placement at UK Universities.

Whatever it takes we are here to help you achieve the education you want.

UK University Application Services.... Helping Chinese students gain placement


Whatever point you are in your education, whether still in Senior High School or already a Bachelor or Masters Degree graduate, our impartial professional consultancy will enable you to make that right choice. An exploratory discussion about our services can be mutually arranged in English or Chinese and obviously is without cost. Please contact us as shown below or see our Contact Us  page for enquiry and contact forms.

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