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As Chairman of the Goldman Organisation, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our Internet web pages. The Goldman Organisation is a business services group providing a range of profession service to individuals and corporations through a number of inter-related professional firms.

Whether it is management consultancy, interim management services, IT or you want to take a degree at a UK University, The Goldman Organisation is at your service. Your business may be in crisis, changing direction, in need of restructuring or simply in need of a corporate strategy. Whatever your needs we will rise to the occasion and provide the elite executives to solve your problems, quickly and effectively.

Experience has shown that the path to early achievement of corporate strategies often lies in ensuring that the Management Information Systems are able to meet the future challenges and information requirements. We therefore offer IT consultancy often as part of our general consultancy advice. We can also assist in sourcing IT equipment and many clients have benefited from the cost reductions we can offer as a reseller.

As Chairman, I personally have provided all these services across numerous industries and in manufacturing, distribution, service and retail operations. I still undertake Interim assignments and my CV is available upon request. Whilst my own experience has tended towards CFO roles, Beechwood Interim Managers is able to propose Interims across many disciplines including HR, Marketing, Business Development, General and Commercial Management, Engineering, production, IT to mention a few.

I invite you to review the About Us pages for an outline of each of the businesses comprising The Goldman Organisation, or alternatively please click on the activities listed in the banner at the top of the page.
Thank you.

Personal Profile

A qualified Chartered Accountant with a degree in Accountancy. Clive attended I.N.S.E.A.D. (C.E.D.E.P), Fontainebleau for Senior Management training. An experienced Finance Director and Interim Manager with exceptionally strong expertise in IT and exposure gained in a wide spectrum of commerce and industry. Appointments have involved considerable responsibility where an objective approach, careful evaluation and meticulous attention to detail, have led to success.

In his career Clive has been involved in the hospitality sector on several occasions. Firstly, he was involved in the acquisition and post acquisition strategy of Howard Johnson Inc, and more recently Clive undertook an Interim Finance Director role for Choice Hotels Europe, with 360 hotels across Europe. His broad remit was to manage the finances with a department of 30 staff located in London and Birmingham. Clive reviewed reporting systems and drove process improvement by hands-on involvement.

Short list of firm names and their activity

UKUAS UK University Application Services - Assisting Chinese students seeking entry to UK Universities.

CACR - Debt collection services.

Crown Copyright Claims Recovery - Copyright Infringement claims.

Goldman & Co - Chartered Accountants

Beechwood Management Consultants - Chartered Accountant providing Management Consultancy

Beechwood Interim Managers - Interim Management

Beechwood IT Consultancy - Computers and Information Technology consultancy.

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